MSME offers are based on a simple economic reality:
"ecomomies of scale". launched to help MSMEs and start-up businesses get the quality business services and products they need to grow their business, at exceptional discounts from suppliers due to Volume Discounting.

Best Offers

Buy business services and products at “bulk corporate” rates (discounts of 5% – 90%)


Really test a supplier’s products and services before engaging in long-term business relations.

Volume Game

Have a way of attracting volumes of new B2B clients really quickly.

About us

Quality Service

Because it’s in our best interest to ensure that you get the quality you deserve, we test every supplier and product we offer and will only recommend the highest quality to you! We know Business Owners and Entrepreneurs have a million things to balance at the same time so we don’t want to add to your worry list.

MSME Vision

Our Vision

At MSME Offers, we believe in everyone having to win. We believe you win by getting a quality product or service at best price, like corporates get, and we win when you are satisfied. Therefore, we work on the basis of a vision to make a difference.

MSME Mission

Our Mission

With our unique approach, our mission is to become Gateway to the best MSME Offers and provide them with many options to same money on products and services and fulfill their dreams. We support our members with lot of innovative products and excellent services from

What can we do for you ? deals on products and services for small business at specially negotiated bulk discounts, by “Collective buying Power”. MSMEs are able to purchase with the same power as the big corporate companies – hence enabling them to qualify for better prices.

MSME Offers are based on a simple economic reality: “economies of scale”.

In other words, the MORE YOU BUY, the more likely the seller is willing to negotiate on PRICE, i.e. the BIGGER THE OFFER.
The problem is that most MSMEs can’t afford to compete with Big Corporates to bargain on price. Until now!

All members benefit from using our platform for their regular products & service’s needs, networking needs, marketing collateral, worldwide events, Digital platforms and anything related to MSME.

We love that the service works both ways as if businesses wish to promote their products and services (feature a deal) then MSME Offers can organise for them to offer great discount deals to the site’s members.

If you are an MSME, it’s for you to sign-up and make a significant difference to business profits. It’s another company doing its bit to help start-ups and MSMEs to compete with the big boys and we think it offers a fantastic service.

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